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Block Paving in Westmeath

Experts At Laying Block Paving On Driveways, Patios and Gardens in Westmeath. Free Quotes, Unbeatable Prices.


Block Paving Westmeath
Block Paving Westmeath
Block Paving Westmeath
Block Paving Westmeath
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If you are looking for block paving installer in Westmeath for your driveway or patio, give PPG Driveways Westmeath a call. Experts at building new driveways  with over 20 years experience as paving contractors with a highly trained team capable of installing a wide range of driveway and patio paving styles.

Our team can build new driveways with block paving that is customer tailored to our customers with options on laying patterns, designs, paved edging and front door steps built with matching paving. All our work is done to approved block paving standards whilst still providing unbeatable value on installations.

From quote to completion, we will consult with you to make sure your driveway block paving and patio paving is laid exactly as you wish with any custom requests you might have. We offer a range of extra features with block paving which is only limited by the style of paving you might choose for your driveway or patio.

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Standard block paving is laid in a herringbone pattern whilst cobble stones and cobble stone paving is laid in 1 to 3 different sizes to create an offset pattern. You can enhance these patterns even further by putting in a block paving circle or diamond pattern into your driveway.

If you are thinking of opting for an inset paved pattern, we recommend choosing colour that is matching your border. Borders done with block paving are commonly done in a contrasting colour to the main paving to help the patterns and design choices stand out even more. Call our team today for a FREE quote to discuss your driveway paving or patio paving. We look forward to hearing from you.

Block Paving installers in Westmeath
Block Paving
PPG Driveways Westmeath

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We offer an unbeatable block paving service to customers looking to replace their driveway or patio. Our trained paving contractors


Standard driveway paving is laid in a herringbone pattern which we build using the Kilsaran or Barleystone range. There are other paving manufacturers available but the Kilsaran range is the most commonly used and as such has a guaranteed quality to it.

We always try to draw from multiple packs of block paving if its a larger driveway to ensure the colour spread is balanced. This is not as important with a basic colour but autumn mix and brindle coloured blocks can vary from batch to batch.

If you want to give more definition to your driveway block paving, we recommend having a block paving kerb laid around your driveway. You have options on a bull nosed paving kerb and a sloped style. You can also choose to bury the kerb so the waterline (edge of slope/bull nose) runs flush with the driveway paving finish.

Cobblestone paving is another very common style of paving in Westmeath which is laid using 1 to 3 sizes in an offset pattern. You can read more about paving patterns below.

If you like the single styled pattern, we recommend the larger size. it can be laid offset to each other or you can lay a larger size in a herringbone pattern. This can be quite an unique style driveway and will definitely enhance the entrance to your home.

If you want the full effect of cobble paving, we recommend using the 3 different sizes and choosing the tumbled variant of the cobble paving. Most common colours used with this style is natural grey and a charcoal border.

If your driveway suffers from water problems, can become flooded during the year or you have problems with water pooling, you should consider permeable block paving.

Available in nearly all the same styles of cobble paving and driveway block paving with the only difference being the more pronounced edging on it.

The reason for the edging of it is that fine grit is used for jointing instead of kiln dried sand. If you have water problems, kiln dried sand will get flushed out. The fine grit does not have this problem and allows water to soak down through it quick and efficiently.

The biggest difference with these choices is the preparation. The preparation for permeable paving on your driveway involves dropping the levels significantly deeper to allow the water to drain down through the sub base. We recommend a Type 4 MOT hardcore as a base for a permeable driveway.