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Welcome to PPG Driveways in Westmeath. Your local and reliable driveway and patio contractor based in Westmeath. We are experts in installing all types of driveway and patio areas. We are certified at installing block paving, tarmac, gravel, resin bound and concrete surfaces.

We are paving contractors that service all of  the areas around County Westmeath. Our stunning driveway designs are not only wonderfully practical and attractive but built to last for many years to come. In just a few days you can enhance the appearance of your property.

Call the expert team at PPG Driveways Westmeath for a FREE no obligation quote on replacing your driveway, patio or garden. Experienced block pavers that can lay a new driveway at unbeatable prices in Westmeath.

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Driveway Contractors

We specialise in driveway, patio and garden installations. We can offer you a streamlined service in Westmeath that is constantly improving and we work hard to ensure our standards stay high.

Reliable and Local

When you contact us you get a response on the same day. Your appointment will be confirmed straight away and a detailed estimate will follow after our free assessment.

Paving Specialist

We oversee each and every one of our installations. Everything is handled from start to finish by our own trained driveway and patio team. No 3rd party contractors are used.

When you are looking to replace your patio or have a new patio / garden area built at your home, give PPG Driveways Westmeath a call. We are experts at transforming patio and garden areas. With options ranging from sandstone to granite, garden paving, patio paving and slabbing.

Not only we can put down new patio areas, we can a range of decorative features like walling, water features, ponds, decorative bordering and spot lighting into your patio area. During our FREE visit, we can discuss all these options and more.

We provide a range of driveway solutions to help customers pick the right option for their driveway. Our driveway options extend from replacing your driveway, putting in a brand new driveway to replace your garden area and creating extensions to your driveway.

Block Paving

We can lay block paving on driveways with a range of choices including driveway block paving, cobble stones and concrete blocks. We use only paving materials from suppliers like Kilsaran Paving to ensure that each installation by our block pavers is built to be both durable and will enhance your home.

We follow a very strict installation process when it comes to building a new entrance driveway to your home. We always put in a new foundation using crushed stone and stone base foundations.

We put down membrane sheeting to help prevent weed growth and we lay a river washed sand which is the optimal type of sand for setting paving levels and ensuring it cannot get flushed away later.

We lay our block paving set off levels from your home using a string line with options on the angle of the block paving. The pattern, design and colour choices are always discussed and shown to customers before we proceed with the paving installation.

Once the block paving has been laid, we cut the block paving to ensure no large joints and we brush in our kiln dried sand to joint the paving and help interlock your new driveway.

Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac driveways make outstanding options for resurfacing or extending. With every new tarmac and asphalt installation by PPG Driveways in Westmeath, we ensure to put in a new base foundation and we always recommend having a border around the tarmac driveway.

The reason for the border is that is allows us to box in the tarmacadam and secondly, they can really make your driveway stand out. We provide a huge choice with edgings and borders from standard paving products to granite cobble setts and block paving kerbing.

Gravel Driveways

Another popular option in Westmeath is customers opting for a gravel driveway. Significant money savings when compared to block paving and tarmac on driveways 100sqm+.

Range of natural stone options for your gravel driveway with the most popular option being the 14mm to 20mm Westmeath gold gravel style.

It is naturally permeable which means you will not need planning permission for it in case your turning a garden into a driveway and it complies with SUDS regulations.

Local and Affordable Driveway Company in Westmeath

We pride ourselves on the quality of our driveway installations with each driveway custom built to customer specifications. From low maintenance driveway areas to complex and multi tiered driveways.

We can put in boundary walls for new driveways, retaining walls and add a range of other features like drainage systems and recessed inspection chambers to stop your manhole cover sticking out against the block paving or tarmac driveway.

Call our team today to book in a FREE quote for block paving, tarmac, gravel and concrete in Westmeath.

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Have a look at some of our featured Westmeath services that customers can avail of when they choose PPG Driveways Westmeath. Over 20 years experience at laying down driveways, patio and gardens.